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We all have those moments in our life that define us, the ones we will never forget and the ones that leave us forever altered. When I look back at my life thus far I see so many happy moments, like in junior high when I met my husband Scotty and knew almost that very second that he was the one I wanted to spend my life with, or the day I looked my son Grady in the eyes for the first time and knew that being a Mom would be my greatest adventure yet, I could fill a book with memories of those sweet days. Then there are those moments that are just as impactful, but seem far darker, the ones that can bring tears to our eyes even to recall them. One of those days for me was when I got the call that my husband had been severely wounded by a suicide car bomb while serving as an Infantry Platoon Leader in Iraq. Even though I was filled with uncertainty in those first few moments, the one thing I did know was that my life would never be the same.

God spared Scotty from death, but he did lose his eyesight. The plans we had dreamt up for our life went out the window and I had to quit my nursing job to take care of him. My world was shaken to it’s core and the first couple months was rough, even with my nursing background, taking sole responsibility for Scotty’s care was overwhelming and lonely and it was hard not to let the hopelessness and doubt take over, but even in the darkest moments, I knew God was with us and that He was working, slowly we began to see that our dark moment was the beginning of so much light. He’s blessed us with three beautiful boys, a life that we love and a strength that could only be possible by going through what we’ve been through.

My passion is helping other women overcome whatever trial or obstacle might be blocking them from growth, whether that’s getting through the six months their husband is deployed, taking care of a sick loved one or starting the business they’ve always dreamt of. As a mother, military wife, entrepreneur and regular gal just trying to figure it all out, my story is one that rings true no matter where or who you are.

There is always hope, there is always a reason to persevere and there is always joy to be uncovered.




Born and raised in Pasco, WA, Tiffany is married to her high school sweetheart, Scotty Smiley. The two met as teenagers and never looked back, even as Tiffany attended Whitworth University to become a nurse and Scotty attended the United States Military Academy.

In 2005, while Scotty was deployed in Iraq, he was injured by a suicide car bomb and lost his eyesight. Tiffany, who was working as a full time nurse at the time, left her job to care for him. Scotty and Tiffany founded Hope Unseen in 2010 in an effort to use their story to help and inspire others. They have appeared on Fox News, CBS, CNN, the Katie Couric show and multiple radio and newspaper articles and have traveled across America speaking in various churches and corporations.

Tiffany’s passion is to encourage women through her writings, speaking engagements, and life as wife, mother, nurse and entrepreneur.

The Smiley’s have lived all over the United States and now reside in Spokane, WA . She is a lead Stella and Dot stylist for the Inland Northwest and appears monthly on Fox 28 “The Moms” as well as speaking engagements across the country.

Tiffany, enjoys spending time with all her boys – Grady Douglas 8, Graham Elliott 6, and Baylor Scott 3.

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